Chilean Relief

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I have been wanting to post this since the earthquake this weekend, but with being sick, I just couldn’t get to it. Again, I just want to warn people to not fall victim to the scam artists who will pray upon people wanting to help.

I am working on another list of organizations that need more help. So many helped the Haitian relief efforts and I know that with the generosity of Americans, they will step up to help Chile at this time as well.

While some may feel the need is not as great in Chile, that isn’t completely true. Yes, they may be more modern in comparison to Haiti. However, earthquakes and devastation don’t pick and chose who to strike and they need help just as much as the Hatians did (and still do).

If you have already donated, please share the text and/or link information with me so that I can be sure to include them in my list.

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