Chuck E. Cheese….Here We Come!

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Yes.  We are officially heading to Chuck E. Cheese this morning.  This is of course the “best place ever” according to my five – very soon to be six year old – daughter.  I decided to focus on the positives and have my Top Five listed here:

5.  I don’t have to clean my house.
4.  I don’t have to figure out snacks.
3.  I don’t have to buy special prizes.
2.  I don’t have to plan games.

and the number one reason I think Chuck E. Cheese can be a great place for a birthday is……

1.  Because it will bring a smile to my daughter’s face and knowing it makes her happy makes everything worth it.

That all being said, that’s where we are getting ready to head out there very soon.  So, it’ll be quiet around here.  But that is a good thing.  Get outside with the family – do something fun!  The deals can wait, but your family can’t.  I’ll be back later this afternoon with more deals!