Coupon Cactus – Get Paid To Shop

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(This is a sponsored post by Coupon Cactus.  Although the post was sponsored, all opinions are my own and were not influenced by any party.)

So, I share lots of great on-line deals to help everyone save money.  After all, it isn’t always what you spend as much as what you save.  One way I do this is to recommend using the on-line rebates sites to not only access coupons to get discounts, but to also help you get paid to shop.  I recently learned about another site that offers this same type of service.  It is called Coupon Cactus.

Coupon Cactus is 100% free.  It will take you less than 2 minutes to get signed up and ready to start your on-line shopping.  Once I got signed up and started looking around, I did notice a couple of great features I wanted to bring to your attention.  One of them is the referral program.  Rather than just getting a flat on-time sign up bonus, you actually will earn 25% of whatever they spend….for life!  

I also noticed that the payout at $10.00…which is nice!  Rather than having to wait to hit $20.00 like other sites require, you can actually get your payout much more quickly.  They do pay only once per quarter, but you tend to forget about sites like these and it is actually kind of fun to see a check arrive in the mail!

So, once I checked out my account, I started to look around.  It is really simple to actually find the coupons and codes that you might need to use. If you aren’t even sure which stores offer the item you are needing to purchase, you can just type it into the search box and it will find a store that sells what you are looking for!  For example, I typed in Uggs and found a TON of stores that sell this item.  This allows me to look through all of them and find the best cash back and coupon codes to really help me save even more when I make my purchase.

I also love that you can serach by free shipping!  So many times, you don’t mind the cost of your item, but it is those darn shipping charges that really get ya!  Well, just click on this link and you’ll find an alphabetical listing of the stores offering some type of free shipping offer (even those that require a minimum purchase). 

So, I would definitely recommend that you take a couple of minutes and check out Coupon Cactus.  With the holidays coming up soon, this can be a great way to make some money while you are finding this special gifts this year!