Coupon Database: Great Resource for Printable Grocery Coupons

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If you are trying to find out if there is a coupon for a product, most of the time you probably go to Google and do a search, which brings up a plethora of websites.  You click around aimlessly – finding nothing.  If this describes you, I’ve got a great way to help!  You can actually access the Penny Pinchin’ Mom Coupon Database to help you find those hot printable coupons you have been looking for.

Since this database is relatively new, I thought I’d do a little Coupon Database 101 post to help everyone.   Le’t start at the very beginning.

How do I access the Penny Pinchin’ Mom Coupon Database?   There are 2 ways to access the Database

1 – Click on the Green Tab at the very top of the page (image at the top of this post).

2 – Click on Coupons from the menu bar beneath the header and then coupon database:

Once you find it, just bookmark it so you can pull it up quickly whenever you need it.

How do I find a coupon once I am in the Database?  Type in the brand of the product you are searching for and click the Search button.  If you try with one name and get nothing, try again as sometimes there can be different ways of spelling items, apostrophe’s may be included (excluded), etc.

How do I get the coupon to print?  Once the coupon comes up in the search, just click the link that is PINK in the section header called Source.  That will take you directly to the coupon link so that you can print it out.

What other information can I find in the database?  You can use this not only for to track down printable coupons, you can also use it to find the coupons which may have been in your favorite magazines or even the Sunday newspaper.

What do each of the column headings mean?  Here is how to understand each column:

All — This is a code for bloggers only – disregard this

Description — This is a brief description of what the coupon is for.  It lists sizes, exact product names, etc.

Value — This is the value of the coupon.  It may say $1/2, $1/1, $0.50/4.  Remember that you must purchase the number of items listed under the value in order to redeem your coupon.

Expiration — This is the date the coupon expires.  Coupons can be redeemed through midnight on this date.

Source — This describes where the coupon was found.  If it is a printable, the word will be in pink and you can click it to print your coupon.  If it was found in a magazine, the name and date are listed.  If it was in the Sunday Newspaper insert, you may see a code here.  Here is what this means:

SS – Smart Source
RP – Red Plum
GM – General Mills
P&G  – Proctor and Gamble

Not only will you see the insert name, you will also see a date.  This was the Sunday date of the newspaper in which the coupon was included.  Some coupons also show an “R” at the end of the source information.  This means the coupon was regional and may not have been available in all areas, so you will have to check to see if you received it or not.

Limitations — If the product is available for a select size, excludes trial sized products, etc, you will find that listed here.  It is important to review limitations so that you redeem the coupon on the correct product.

Store — Some stores are redeemable only at that store.  Therefore, make sure that you pay attention to this before you try to print and/or redeem a coupon at the wrong store.

Blogging Format — Ignore this column.

The database is here for YOU.   It was created to help you find the coupons you need to save on the items you need to purchase.  Please use it.  Share it with your friends.  It really is a great resource, when you know how to put it to work for you!

If you happen to live in Kansas City, we have a database JUST for you!!  Since inserts vary from region to region, this can help you know which ones you may (or may not) have received in this area!  To learn more about this database, check out the Kansas City Coupon Inserts Database Tutorial!