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Looking for a way to get the latest coupon inserts delivered to your home without breaking the bank? Here are a couple of great options that might do just that!

THE EXAMINER. This newspaper is delivered in Easter Jackson County (Missouri). It normally costs only $1.00 and you can get all of the Sunday coupon inserts included in your Saturday edition!

If you get a subscription delivered to your home, you even get the Kansas City star delivered to you for FREE!! So, that means for the cost of one subscription, you will get two sets of inserts every week.

What is great about this paper is that even if you don’t live in Jackson county, you can get this mailed to your home each week. I would guess you can still get the KC Star delivered on Sunday as well — however, you may want to call and confirm this before you sign up. You can check out all of the subscription rates and get signed up right here.

Thanks to reader SHERRI for checking into this for us all!

BELTON STAR HERALD. This paper includes news for Belton, Raymore and most of Cass County. It is published only weekly and mailed for delivery on Thursday each week. There are not any inserts, but you will get the CVS ad a few days early.

With this paid subscription, you also get a free KC Star delivered to your home. So, it could well be worth the annual rate to get this one at your home as well. Details about subscriptions and rates can be found here.

What if I already subscribe to the KC Star? Will I still get the free newspaper? Yep!! We are subscribers to the Star Herald. We also pay for the KC Star as well. So, every Sunday, we have TWO newspapers dropped off at our home. That gives me two sets of inserts every time they are published.

So, if you are looking for an inexpensive way to get some coupons, check out these two local papers.

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