Keeping Your Coupons Organized with a Couponizer

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I have had a few of you ask me about a great organizer to help you keep your coupons straight.  This is one I actually used – called The Couponizer.  I’ll be honest, I did out grow it, but that was only after I started to save every single coupon I found. I really did love it and sometimes, I still use it when I just want to take some of my favorites with me to the store, rather than my monstrous binder. 

Right now, there are not any on-line codes to purchase this direct from their site and save.  HOWEVER, if you belong to Amazon Moms, you can get The Couponizer shipped to you for free (instant savigns of $5.95 direct from the couponizer site).  Might be a nice time to share this information with “Santa!”


  1. Cina Housknecht says

    I recently purchased this and absolutely love it!!! I haven’t outgrown it, but I only clip coupons of items that I buy or think I might buy. I could see how you would grow out of it if you clipped every coupon! I also recommend it!

  2. Shanda Hentschel says

    Just wanted to tell you that you can get it with free super saver shipping on Amazon if you purchase $25 or more of eligible items (which is simple to do because most of their stuff is eligible).