Update: Changing Zip Codes Made Simple Again!

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One complaint about using was that it was difficult to change the zip code now.  Well, I have good news! You can now quickly and easy change the zip codes once again — without jumping through hoops!

Now, when you go links as posted on Penny Pinchin’ Mom, you will see that it looks different (it will not look this way and will still be difficult to change if you go directly to   Rather than having to log in and change your settings, you can simply type in the zip code and click the arrow button for the zip code to be updated!


You should also find that the majority of coupons we post will be a direct link to the coupon.  That means, if you click the link, the coupon will come in the list and be marked clipped – and ready for you to print!  If the coupon is connected to a select zip code, you just need to click the link, change the zip code and then select the link again and the coupon should come up automatically clipped for you!

I’m always looking at ways to make things simpler for all of my readers, and I being able to easily change your zip code is just another way I can do just that!   Visit the new and improved interface and see what you think!