Cross Country Cafe: Wacky Wednesday Kcup Sale!!

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It’s Wacky Wednesday at  Cross Country Cafe!! Each week they will feature one Kcup flavor or roast on sale for a LOW price for a box of 24!! They will also feature one gourmet coffee pod each week for $3.75/box!! If you are a coffee lover, you know these are BOTH great deals!! Buy some for yourself, and then buy another for a gift!

This week’s featured Kcup is Wild Mountain Blueberry Kcups for $10.99 per box of 24!  And the Pod sale item this week is Donut Shop Classics Gourmet Coffee Pods for $3.75 per box of 15

Here’s what to do:
1.  Go to Cross Country Cafe.
2.  Click on K-Cup Portion Packs
3.  Sort by Price
4. **BONUS** Enter the code:BFGHOS912 for an additional savings WYB 4 boxes! 
5. Flat Rate Shipping on all orders, but Shipping is FREE when you order 12 or more!