CVS Minute Clinic: Easy Flu Shots!

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If you follow the news at all, you probably know that flu season usually peaks in January or February, but it can begin as early as October, as mentioned by the CDC.  If you’ve ever had the flu, you know how absolutely miserable it makes you feel and how much work (or school) you can miss.

If you happen to be a Mom, you know that it seems to be even worse for you as your family usually depends upon you for so much that if you are sick, it really throws a hiccup into your family’s routine.  That is why I finally caved and started getting flu shots.

I received my first one in 2012 and never got sick the entire winter.  When I compare that to prior years, I usually ended up with some strain of the flu and was sick in bed for a few days (not a good time).  Since it worked for me last year, I wanted to go ahead and do it again this year!

I also wanted to help make sure that my assistant did not get sick either.  So, we met one day at our CVS Minute Clinic and in just a few minutes, we both received our flu shot.  As a perk, they gave us a 20% off coupon, but that had no bearing on our desire to get the shot.  We both knew it was important for us to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of our families. In fact, we both have had all members of our families immunized again this year.  We just don’t want them to get sick, nor do we want them do to anything which might make others sick either.

If you aren’t sure where you can get your shot, your local CVS Minute Clinic offers them during regular business hours. You don’t have to make an appointment.  Just stop by, sign your name on the kiosk and that’s it!   You can find a CVS Minute Clinic near you here.

Wherever you get your annual flu shot, please just take the time to do it.  Keeping yourself healthy is the most important thing of all!

CVS provided both my assistant and I vouchers valid for a free flu shot.  The opinions contained in this post were my own and were not influenced by any party.