CVS: Neutrogena Suncare Deal (Print Coupons Now)

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If you are needing to get your sunscreen stocked for this coming summer, this next Sunday, May 15th, would be a great day to do it.  you can get your products for as low as $0.98!  CVS will have an offer of $10 in ECB with the purchase of 2 Neutrogena Suncare products.  It includes the smallest products which are .47 oz.  Here is how you can get a great deal:

$15.98  2 Neutrogena Sunscreen (.47 oz), $7.99 each
–   4.00  2 – $2/1 Nuetrogena Sunscreen products or here 
-10.00  ECB earned (use on future purchase)
$ 1.98/2 or $0.99 each net out of pocket (after coupons and ECB)

Once word of this upcoming deal gets out, this printable coupon will run out of prints quickly.  Make sure you print your two copies right away if you plan on running this deal!


  1. Melissa Johnson says:

    You can print two from each link too :) I was out of prints on RedPlum’s site, but could still print from the neutrogena site, which goes through

    • I noticed the coupon from either print, states one coupon per purchase and one coupon per customer! So we can only use one coupon right, not two? New to couponing and I’m just checking. Thanks

      • Tracie says:

        A purchase = an item. So, you can use one coupon per item purchased. If it said one per transaction, then you could only use one for your purchase of 2. Hope that helps explain it!

        • but… the coupon also says “one coupon per customer” in this case.

        • The coupon also stated “one coupon per customer”. So, I doubt that we can use 2 “same” coupons.

  2. Claire says:

    What page is that special on? I’m not seeing it in the circular (90035). On page 7 of my add, it says “Spend $25 Get $10 Extrabucks When You Buy These Neutragena Products.” The pics that they show are Neutragena beauty products, not suncare.

  3. Can you purchase one product and use one coupon, and then later purchase one more product and one coupon? Will the CVS rewards card track it as two products purchased and then give you the $10 Rewards on your second receipt? Just wondering.

    • It should work that way and the minute you hit that 2nd one on your purchase get your RR. I say should as I haven’t ever tried doing it this way personally.

  4. Links works thanks..

  5. I saw this deal that also included the $3 off $10 healthcare coupon that comes out of the coupon machine in the store, however because I haven’t used my card in some time, no coupons spit out when I scanned my card with the machine. So, if you get one, you can get these items for free. HOWEVER, I was unable to find any suncare products in any of my CVS stores for 7.99 as described here. The cheapest I found was 9.99 and it was only 30 spf (and I need at least 50!). The next cheapest was 11.79. I’ve read many people also say that their stores will not take 2 of the neutrogena coupons because they say on the coupon that it’s one per purchase. :-/