Dave Ramsey Envelope Systems 50% off

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I’ve said many times before, it is really best to use cash for everything.  When you use cash, you tend to be more accountable for your spending, you can see what you are buying and you really think twice before you spend!   One easy way to help you is through the envelope system.  You can create your own, or you can purchaes one.

Dave Ramsey actually has the BEST envelope/wallet systems. I personally use this red one pictured below and love it.  I have a place for everything and still keep my cash in each envlope.  (Don’t worry – if you don’t know what I mean by envelopes – you will learn in a few weeks).

In fact, today is a great day to get one as his systems are 50% off!  They are normally $19.95, but are only $10.00 right now.  Shipping is only $4.95 – so you are still saving money in the end.   If you want to help keep your budget on track and utilize this sytem, you might want to consider one of these.

Oh — and use the code MORE at checkout and get the book “More Than Enough”  for FREE — a $14.95 value.  I really love his products and using them helps me stay on track with our debt free and cash budget lifestlye!


  1. Kahlia says

    Thank you for posting this. I’ve been contemplating purchasing this system for awhile. Thanks for great deal!

  2. Christina says

    TOTALLY WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!! I purchased one of these when we saw Dave live in Kansas City. They were 50% off then too, I think i just might need to purchase another for safe keepings or a gift! The only debt we have is our home, but our money seems to disappear and we dont save nearly as much as we should be. 6 months ago we totally cut out the use of our debt cards! Its so amazing to have control over your money and this wallet definatly helps keep you orgnized! LOVE IT!!

  3. Anne says

    Sounds like a great system, but alot of the reviews say the envelopes tear or fall apart.

    • Tracie says

      I have this system myself and recommend it. After a while they do, but by the time that they are ripping, they are used up anyhow so you need a new one. I wouldn’t share it if I didn’t think it was a good one myself.

  4. Katie T says

    I just read your Debt Challenge that is about using envelopes. But I have a question….
    Say you put 25 in for clothes. If you don’t use it that month would you add 25 the next month to have 50 towards clothes? Or would you keep the 25 in that was already there and add 25 towards paying a card payment or savings?

    I’m completely new at couponing and I’m trying to get my debt in control. Any help would be AWESOME!!!