Debt Free / Savings Challenge Week 24/25: Go Back To Step 1

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This is our official half way point for the  2012 Debt Free Challenge!!  So, what exciting tip do I have in store for all of you today?  Well,  none actually.  Instead, I just wanted to take a minute and just congratulate everyone who is participating for making it half way through the year.  Making a decision to change your financial future and the way you view money is not an easy one.  It take a lot of determination (and tears)!

If you are still keeping up with this, whether you have paid off no debts yet or seven debts, I want to say you are doing fantastic! I know how hard this journey is, but I promise you this, it will be WORTH it in the end — I promise you!!

I want to be able to share the debts that have been paid down by all of you.  Please click the link in this box below and fill out the survey with the amount.  If you previously reported a debt paid off, you can add more to this form.  I can’t wait to share the good news with everyone next week!

**Please, if you have recently paid off another debt, share with us!  You can report every single debt — so that we can have an accurate amount reflected!!  As a reminder, the survey is completely anonymous – there is truly no way for me to know who you are at all.  You can share your amount you have PAID OFF HERE.

(I am not a financial advisor and the information listed within these Debt Challenge posts is not to be construed a financial advice.   This is knowledge we gained through our own personal experiences and information as outlined in Dave Ramsey’s Financial Makeover — and is being shared as such.  Participants are not required to follow any steps listed if they do not wish to do so. Financial concerns/issues should be addressed with a professional in order to receive advice and assistance.)

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