Debt Free / Savings Challenge: Year End Recap!

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During 2012, we held a Debt Free Challenge.  And I will admit, that with the holiday shopping craziness, I did not post for several weeks.  However, I sure hope that you kept the course and stayed on track to eliminate your debt!  If you are new to the site and want to learn HOW to get out of debt, we’ve got great tips and articles to help you do just that!  you can find that information here — the Penny Pinchin’ Mom Debt Free Challenge.

I kept track of what was paid down in 2012 and am so very, very proud of all of you!  During 2012, we paid down:

$454,783.29 !!!!

Pat yourselves on the back – you did amazingly well!  It really is humbling to me to know that I was able to help some of you on this journey. I love hearing your stories of how you overcame financial hurdles and/or worked yourselves out of debt.  Please feel free to share them with me and I will feature them here on the site to try to help inspire others!