Debt Free Tip: Use Your Weekly Grocery Savings To Pay Down Debt

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Less than 20 weeks until the end of the year is here.  How are things coming along?  Remember that any amount paid off is still an amount that is paid down – right?  It is all good!  So, is there anything more you can do to pay down your debt?  There might be — and it could be easier than you think!!

When you get your cash for your payment period (be that for two weeks, one week etc), you will continue to purchase your items using that amount.  When the end of the period comes round and you are ready to get your next round of cash, what do you do with the money that is left over?  Spend it?  Save it?  Just use that money to pay down your debt!

You aren’t having to work hard to come up with extra money to pay down debts.  You budgeted a set amount and just happened to be super smart (and savvy) and spent less than what was budgeted.  When you get ready to fill your envelope with cash for your next pay period, just pull out the amount that is left and make an extra debt payment.  It is not money you will miss, is it?  It is just a matter of “shifting” money from one thing to another.

I know this may sound simple, and that is because it is!  Anytime you save money, don’t spend that savings – use it for something important!

(I am not a financial advisor and the information listed above is not to be construed a financial advice.   Financial concerns/issues should be addressed with a professional in order to receive advice and assistance.)