Determine Your M&Ms Character & Play Fun Games

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I love M&Ms and those commercials just bring a smile to my face.  My new favorite has to be the brown one where the red M&M thinks it is one of “those” parties!  But I often wonder if I’m like any of those fun little candy characters.  Well, now I can find out – and so can you!

Head on over to Walmart and take the M&M Personality Quiz to find out exactly which character is most like you (or, I guess, you are most like).  I took the quiz and I’m apparently most like Blue — who knew!!  Who are you most like?   I’d love to know!

Once you finish the quiz, make sure you play the fun games on their site as well.  You can play Shell Swap (which is a lot like Bejewled).  I didn’t do very well – only scored 1,00o points.  I am sure most of you can beat that!   Another fun game they have on-line is Shuffleboard.  I did very, very badly at this – I only scored 55!  Embarassing!!!

Head on over and play around — sometimes it is fun to just take a little break from saving money!


  1. says

    I loved this quiz!! I took a different 1 some time ago & this 1 was way better!!

    I’m green: “Beautiful & graceful, you’re a mouthful of chocolate. You have high expectations & will only settle for the best.”

    Hmmmm.., I have to question the 1st comments; (B & G). *hee*

    Guess I’ll check out those games now. Thanks for the morning ego boost. : )