Direct Buy: Save on Home Purchases

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If you are planning on making any purchases for your home, or doing any home improvments, you can get some great deals on the products you need by going through Direct Buy. Click the image to get more information and get a free information packet.


  1. tarheel96 says

    How much do you really know about this company? Everything I find about this Direct Buy when I do a search on Google indicates that it is an unethical company, if not an outright scam. “Membership fees” of $3K – $5K for the first three years? And you if you don’t make the decison to become a member ON THE SPOT after their presentation, you are “banned” from membership for the next five to seven years? None of that sounds like a great deal, and I couldn’t find anything about a free information packet….just a way to sign up for a “free” trial membership.