Disney Movie Rewards: Get 100 Points

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I am busy checking e-mails and had one that will help you get 100 Disney Movie Rewards Points!!   You will actually have to go on a treasure hunt to get all of your points – but that’s half of the fun!  You can get all of your treasure hunt clues here.  If you don’t have the time to go through the hunt on your own, you can find your answers below.  Either way, just log into your account and input the codes to get your points!  If you haven’t signed up yet, you can get started today and still redeem all of these codes and quickly rack up 100 points!

Clue #1:  Code is Popular

Clue #2: Code is Partners

Clue #3:  Code is wildflower

Clue #4:  Code is Online

Clue #5: Code is green

Keep in mind that sometimes the codes are case specific, so if you type in what I’ve provided, you should increase your tally by 100 quick and easy points!


  1. Kelly says

    Hi there, I tried all of these and found that it is “wildflower” rather than “wildflowers”, but the rest worked fine, thanks so much!

  2. Fawn says

    All worked except for wildflowers…..tried it with an upper case W too, but nope. Thanks!

  3. Tracie says

    It is wildflower (singular and lower case). Sorry about the typo – the post has been corrected.

  4. Kristy says

    I have heard that you can sign up for a newsletter for this but I can’t find anywhere on their site to sign up. Help!

    • Tracie says

      You should get them every month without selecting anything. If you are not, you may need to contact them to see how to get signed up. I didn’t opt in for any newsletters and I get them all of the time in my in-box.

  5. Amy says

    Thanks for the points!
    Can you help? I’ve been trying to redeem my points for buying the new Toy Story movies, but I’ve had problems with them working. They ‘marked’ my Toy Story code as if it was for the Toy Story 2, so when I put in my code for Toy Story 2 code it won’t take it. I would just pass on the points, but I want the free ticket! Do you have any suggestions? I keep emailing them, but get answers that have nothing to do with the questions.
    Thanks again for all the great tips!

    • Tracie says

      Where are you referring to? I just did this about 20 seconds ago and received both of my ticket offers.

      I just input my code from Toy Story 2 first. A picture came up with at ticket for me to get my free offer. I filled out the form and input the code and was able to print one. Then, I input the next code and another ticket came up and I was able to do the same thing with that one.

      Where did they “mark” it? I don’t think that has anything to do with the code being redeemed or not. You can only use each movie code once. Try to go here and click on the movie ticket window. Be sure that you input BOTH codes. It should be able to determine that you received one movie ticket already and still have one more to receive.