Disney Upgrade Program

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Do you have a lot of Disney DVDs that you wish you owned in Blu-ray now instead?  If so, you will love this new program being offered by Disney.  You can actually get up to $8.00 in coupons towards new Blu-ray movies – and it is simple to cash in on this deal.

1.  Go to here and select the DVDs that you own and want to upgrade.
2.  Select “Add To Cart” under each DVD. 
3.  When finished, select  “View Cart” on the top of the page.  It will show you all of the coupons that you are requesting. 
4.   Click “continue” on the bottom of that page.
5.   Fill out the form and print it.  Attach a proof of purchase from your DVD to the form and drop it in the mail.  If you have more than one, you can include them all with one form.
6.    You coupons will arrive in the mail within 8 – 10 weeks.

This is a great way to  upgrade your movie collection and save some cash at the same time!

Thanks Alaska & Hawaii Coupon Diva!