Dispicable Me: $9.99 for DVD or $16.99 for Blu-ray after Video on Demand Credit

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You can still get Dispicable Me in time for Christmas!  You can pick up the DVD version for $14.99 or the Blu-ray version for $21.99.  In addition to these prices, you will also get a $5.00 Amazon video on Demand credit. 

I also checked and it looks like BOTH of these will qualify for FREE ONE DAY SHIPPING!!  If you have your Amazon Prime membership (trial or otherwise), it appears that you will pay $3.99 – but when you look at your total, you will see the credit back to your account for that same amount!

I did check and at this time, there are not any rebates nor coupons available to help you find a better deal in the stores (plus – this way – you don’t even have to GO to the store today)!