DIY Stackable Snowmen

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DIY Stackable Snowmen

If your neck of the woods hasn’t gotten much snow this year, these adorable DIY Stackable Snowmen are the perfect solution! Build a snowman anytime, and virtually anywhere with these super easy DIY Stackable Snowmen!

They’re made out of painted, smooth stones, so they’re easy to mix and match for long periods of fun!


Smooth round stones
White acrylic paint
Orange and black permanent or paint markers

I chose stones that were very smooth and flat. I opted for a mix of round and oval shapes, to make mixing and matching more fun. Remember the rule of making snowmen is to find a large bottom, medium middle, and small top. I found these stones in the floral department at my local Walmart.

Paint a solid coat of white on all of the stones.  Allow it to dry and then add the eyes, nose, mouth and buttons. If you want to seal them, paint on a coat of mod podge or clear spray paint.

I store our little DIY Stackable Snowmen in a plastic container for easy storage. Then, anytime my little one wants to build a snowman, I don’t have to bundle up and go out in the snow, I can just pop out these cute little DIY Stackable Snowmen! My daughter loves them, and I’m glad they’re a fun indoor option for those days when it is too cold to go outside to play.

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