Dollar General: Free Olay Body Wash

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Dollar General has Olay Body Wash marked down from $3 to only $2 a bottle right now.  Use your $2/1 Olay Body Wash coupon from the 12/26/2010 P&G Insert and you can get yours for FREE!!  Dont’ forget to also use your $5/$25 purchase coupon (valid only on January 1st).

Thanks Hip 2 Save!


  1. says

    Its Proctor & Gamble.

    Make sure that even if you dont see the shelf reflect the price, have them scan it. Mine were NOT marked on sale, but they did ring up $2.00.

  2. Kelly says

    Has anyone else had trouble with DG? I have gone in to 2 different stores and both told me that the “NEW” policy was that if the coupon make the item free they could not do it. Go figure – not like they are not getting their money back. I would love to go do some of these deals but was turned off the last time with the campbells soup when it was on sale. Any advice??

    • says

      I have been told that before as well, especially when I can get clearance items are free with coupons. I carry around their coupon policy with me, sometimes it helps sometimes it doesn’t – depends on which manager you get. If they refuse to take a coupon that abides by their coupon policy I ask for their corporate/consumer relations number.

      I actually just got back from pricing the body-wash and talked to one of the managers. Since she isn’t working the 1st of January I told her I hope the other ones will allow me to use them since they are picky about coupons. so my fingers are crossed.

  3. Corrie says

    I went for this deal yesterday, and the checker called over a manager because he thought they couldn’t accept coupons equal to the sale amount. But the coupons scanned fine, and the manager just shrugged and said, ok. I had two coupons, so I got two free! Also, the body washes were not marked with a sale price — I had to ask them to scan it to see if they were indeed on sale.

    After all the confusion, the checker accidentally stuck my two coupons in my bag, and I didn’t realize it until I got home! It is so tempting to go back for two more free body washes, but I think I’d better just take the coupons back to them. I suppose they won’t get reimbursed by the manufacturer without the coupons, and I don’t want that checker to get in trouble.

    Thanks for the heads-up on a great deal!