Dollar General Offering Digital Coupons!!! (Coming Soon To Your Area – Sign Up Now)

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Clipless Coupons Coming to Dollar

Dollar General is rolling out a new feature at it’s stores — clipless coupons!  They are rolling this out across the country (which means it may not yet be available where you live).  Just watch your local store, and when you see the DG Digital Coupons Logo at your register, you know it has arrived!

You will be able to load all of the Dollar General coupons directly to your digital account and then they will be automatically applied to those purchases in the store!  Here is how to get started:

1. Visit Dollar General (the Digital Coupons Page) and click on the Yellow Sign Up Today Button.2. Create an account (this is different from your regular account – it is a DG Digital Coupons account).

3. Fill out all sections of the form – including your mobile number (this is required as this is how the coupons are accessed in the store).  However, if you do not have a mobile, you can use your home number.  Just make sure you select home from the type of phone drop down box.

Tips:  Make sure your password is at least eight characters and make sure you read through the terms and conditions to get to the bottom of that page, or the black Register Button will not appear.

4. On the second page, it will ask you questions about your receipts and how you would like to receive them.  Answer accordingly.

5.  The last question they will ask is about promotions and if you want to get signed up.  Answer accordingly.

6.  Press the black Start Saving button and you are signed up!


After you are signed up, they will take you to the current list of coupons you can clip to add to your account.  When you get to the register, you will enter your phone number and those coupons will be applied to your purchase — without your having to clip them!