Dollar Tree: Coupons Will Be Accepted Starting August 26th

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Wow!!  Dollar Tree just posted on it’s Facebook page that starting August 26th, they will begin accepting coupons!  Since all items are $1, this might make for some really great (and possibly free) deals!  We will have to keep our eyes open for ways to match up the coupons here with their prices!

As far as a coupon policy, I do not see one posted (yet).  I imagine they will eventually have one as they have issues come about.  It also means that you may need a little extra patience since this is new to the managers and cashiers and they will be learning as they go!


  1. Greener Goods says

    Just curious–our Dollar Tree only carries knickknacks and things like old White Rain and Suave shampoos….maybe a foreign-branded version of toothpaste (i.e. Colgate toothpaste made in Mexico). I can think of no popular food brands carried there–only what seems like store private-branded selloffs. We did find a brand of gingernsnaps there that we loved once, though.

    What kind of coupons would one use at Dollar Tree? I make my own homemade cleaning supplies, so can think of none of their brands I would buy.

    Just curious. It would kind of be like using a coupon at a Dollar General (which I think they might take, but since they are private-labeled mostly, I’ve never tried).