Double Points Day Today at My Coke Rewards

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Good news!  Today you can get DOUBLE the points at My Coke Rewards.  So, that means you can get the following:

  • 24 Pack Products – 40 Points today
  • 12 Pack Products – 20 Points today
  • Individual Bottles – 6 Points today

I am so glad that I didn’t get mine input this weekend!  If you haven’t ever saved your points, you should as you can get coupons for FREE products!


  1. Melissa says

    I have entered a few this am and have NOT received the double points. Should they show up right away?

  2. says

    just an fyi, these are private offers and everyone is getting different offers.. some of my readers got 3 days, some got a week, I got 1 day. Readers that didn’t get the email aren’t even getting double points when they enter the codes

  3. says

    I too entered my points this morning from the link in the email they sent me about double points- and none of my showed up as doubled. Will they double them when the day is over?

  4. Jo Lynn says

    My e-mail said it was good for a week so that means a lot more double points since I think there’s a limit of 10 codes per day.

  5. Melanie says

    We got the exact same email. I clicked through the link and entered my codes- no double points though. I guess like the prior poster said maybe they’ll double them at the end of the day? I hope so…

  6. Nicole R says

    I have been reading that only regular coke points are doubling. That sucks because I have a ton from diet and caffiene free diet coke 🙁

  7. Susan says

    Mine did not double, either. We had a ton from Powerade, because we’ve gone through a lot of it from being sick!

  8. Melanie says

    Bummer. Mine were all diet. I guess that explains it. Coke has no love for those of us on Weight Watchers I guess! LOL