Dove Shampoo/Conditioner: Rolling RR Deal at Walgreens

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This is an awesome deal — apparently the Register Rewards are ROLLING at Walgreens!!  This does not happen very often.  What that means is if you purchase your Dove and get a $4.00 Register Reward and use it to purchase ANOTHER Dove product, you can get yet another $4.00 Register Reward.  Normally, when you use one on the same product you received it from, you don’t get any others!

So, this would be a great time to use that $1.50/1 coupon from the RP insert this morning and stock up!  Be sure that after you make your first purchase and use your RR on your next one, you have a $1.50 filler item.  Here’s an example:

$4.00 Dove Shampoo
– 1.50  coupon 3-28-10 RP
$2.50  out of pocket + earn $4.00 in Register Rewards

$4.00 Dove Conditioner
– 4.00 Register Rewards
– 1.50 Coupon
– 1.50 Filler item(s)
$0.00 out of pocket + earn $4.00 Register Rewards to use on your next purchase

So, you’ll have paid a total of $2.50 out of your pocket for Shampoo and Conditioner PLUS have $4.00 yet to spend!

Thanks Couponers United!


  1. Connie says

    I didn’t think you could use the same brand RR on another item the same brand, Like (Dove).

    • Tracie says

      Most of the time you can not – that is why this is a great deal! This time around you can use the RR and purchase another and still get a RR.

  2. Holly says

    I used my first $4RR from the Dove to buy another Dove (-1.50Q), Dentek (-1.00Q) and .50 filler to get back $4RR for Dove and $2RR for Dektek

  3. Christine says

    I didn’t see any $4 Dove products…not in ad either. And, I’m new to RR, so are they always advertised? Maybe my Walgreens didn’t have the right stuff. Any tips in JOCO area?

    • Tracie says

      Hi there! You can find it on-line here.

      Sometimes, they are not in the printed ad, so you have to look here in order to get the info. You can print and take that with you to the store and find the right product.

  4. Pamela says

    I just tried this at the Walgreens in Roeland Park (KS) and my register rewards didn’t roll over. Better luck to everyone else!

    • Tracie says

      I wondered if it would last all week. Sounds like Walgreens figured this out. I will let everyone know. Thanks for passing this along to me.