Download 8 Songs from the CMA Nominees For FREE!

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You can download 8 free songs from CMA Nominees, courtesy of People Magazine.  Here is how to get this free offer:

  • If you have iTunes installed, just click the black DOWNLOAD button.
  • If you do not have iTunes installed, do so (click the link they provide to you).
  • Go into the iTunes store.
  • Click redeem and and enter the code that is displayed on the link (it is unique to you and will be on the page posted above)
  • Your music will start downloading


  1. ashley says

    The code above is an older one. The code to use is 9MRX6R4LTJAT. Thanks for the free tunes!

  2. Michelle says

    Just wanted to let you know the code does not work. Itunes tells me that the code was already used, codes an only be used once. Just so you know.

  3. jill says

    I’ve tried both codes & it says “the code has already been used, each code can only be used 1 time”.

  4. Jennifer Ervin says

    When you hit the download key the people’s page will display a code. It changes with each person. Enter in that code and you can download them.

  5. Stephanie says

    Click on the link “download 8 free songs from CMA Nominees” in the post. It will take you to People’s site where they will give you a unique code!

    Happy listening!

  6. ashley says

    When you click on the link, a new code will be issued a displayed right about the “download” button. Use that new code that appears.