Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

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I was busy redeeming codes tonight for some Amazon gift cards and thought I’d share with you how I am working my way towards purchasing a NEW computer!  I belong to sites where I earn points and can redeem them for gift cards.  It is as simple as searching through them, clicking on junk emails and even answering surveys.   Here is a list of the sites I am currently using to build up my points to get myself free money!

SWAGBUCKS:  This is the one I am using to do my searches, complete no-obligation offers and even search for codes to get points.  I try to share links and points info when I can….sometimes I miss them too because I am not on line when they come out.  If you are at all interested or intrigued, check out my Swagbucks 101 post.  This can give you some great info about how to earn points and how to redeem those points for free items.

MY POINTS:  If you can click to open websites or complete easy surveys, then you can do My Points!  The first thing I recommend before you sign up is to be sure to set up a “dummy” email account as you will inundated with emails.  All you have to do is open the emails and you can earn points.  If you happen to complete any of the offers, you can earn more points.  You can even earn them when you complete surveys from time to time.  It took me a while, but I earned enough points to get myself a $50.00 Amazon gift card this past week.

MY SURVEY:  This is a simple way to earn points too – just complete surveys.  Now, again, it can take a while to accumulate points, but if you can get your friends and family to sign up under your account (see referrals once registered), then you can earn extra points to get yourself to your reward even sooner!  I just got myself another Amazon card here this evening as well!

These are just a few ways to do simple tasks and earn quick, easy points to get great free stuff!  So, what are YOU going to save up your points for?


  1. says

    I agree, it is doable. I used all of these sites, plus Lightspeed Consumer Panel and Opinion Outpost, to earn enough gift certificates to purchase my Cricut Expression Machine. It was definitely a want, and I could not see me ever spending $300 on something for myself-that was a pure toy for me. It took a good year of saving gift cards (it probably could have gone faster had I answered/qualified for every survey that hit my inbox) but life hits, and I rolled w/ it. It definitely was worth it when my Cricut arrived at home 🙂

    • Tracie says

      I love sweet rewards! It makes it that much better when you get your “prize” because you worked hard and saved your cards. Good for you! (BTW – I have a Cricuit & LOVE mine too!)