Easter Basket Ideas Without Breaking The Bank

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Is there a support group for Easter Basket Junk Fillers Anonymous? I could probably be the fearless leader.   This year, I am on a mission to make their baskets more meaningfulwithout breaking the bank! I’m not saying these are steals of deals – but, I can find them all in one place, and have them shipped for free – many bonuses for this busy mom! I also find that when I shop online, I am MUCH more careful about what I purchase compared to when I am at the store and the dollar bin junk items are screaming at me to buy them!! I am going to try and pick one stuffed animal and one activity/game for each of my children.  Of course I will also fill them with all my favorite candy. Oh – and the kids’ favorite candy too! *wink wink*

Here are a few of my favorite finds:

Easter Candy Deals – $10 or less

Webkinz Rabbit – $6.19

Lego Creator 5762 Mini Plane – $7.85

TY Li’l Ones Beautiful Brianna – with Grey Cat in Box – $6.09

Steve Spanglers Geyser Tube – $6.52

Milestones, Kids’ Garden Tile Kit – $10.94

Crayola Story Studio Comic Maker Spiderman – $9.80


  1. Janet Brown says

    We don’t do Easter baskets anymore, I just pick out a small gift for my 12 and 13 year olds. I fill the Easter eggs with money (quarters), since none of us need the candy, anyway!

  2. emily cummings says

    Why would anyone buy that stuff with all the Target toy deals right now? I bought $80 worth of toys for their baskets for $6.