Easy Ways to Give to Others

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How to you give to others? Is it with your time, your money?  What do you do during the holidays?

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It is important to give to others all year long. However, the holidays seem to bring out the best in people and they want to do more.

We all know about local toy drives and Angel trees to help the kids, but is there more you can do?  Isn’t ther another way you can give to others?


Be A Secret Santa. There is no rule that says you must be rich to be a Secret Santa.  A simple gesture such as swiping your debit card to pay for fuel for someone will make their day.  We often leave an extra $20 with the cashier to pay for groceries of the person behind us.

You might walk through your local thrift store and hand out $5 bills to random strangers . Simple gestures such as this can make a bigger difference than you may realize.  Someone may not remember the person who held the door open for  them, but they will always remember the person who helped them in this way.

Cash Always Works. Which charities speak to you? Perhaps your grandmother had cancer.  Maybe you were part of a Big Brother/Big Sister program growing up.  Maybe you were even part of a shelter at one time in your life.  A simple donation helps.

If you don’t have money, you can might be able to donate supplies you may have in your surplus to a local organization.

Give Them a Book.  Schools and libraries welcome books.  Pick up a few and donate them.  This is a simple way to help children (and even adults) who love to read.

Give of Yourself. There is no rule that says you must give money to help others. You can give your time instead.  Shovel the driveway for a neighbor.  Contact your favorite charity to learn what you can do.  It is free to give to others when you give the gift of your time.

Donate Blood. There is always a need for blood donations. Contact your local blood bank to find out more.

Buy an Extra Sack of Groceries. Food banks are always in need of food, especially during this time of year.  This is a such a simple way to give to others.   If you find a good deal at your store, pick up a few extra items and give it to a family in need.

There is always time to give.  You just have to make it a priority for yourself and it will work!

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