Easy Ways To Keep Up With the Holiday Deals

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The holidays are marching towards us — and with that come the deals!  I know many of you love to use Facebook to keep up with the posts, but as we all know, not every page you like shows up in your feed.  That might mean you might miss out on some great deals!  In order to help you this holiday season, I want to make sure that you know how to keep up with my site!


Facebook now allows for fans to opt in to receive notifications of updates to your favorite pages.  To do opt in just click on LIKE on your favorite page and you will see Get Notifications.  Click on this.

You will see a little pop up in the lower corner every time the page is updated (when you are on Facebok).  Of course, you can also get email notifications as well, if you’d like!  Here’s how to do this.

Go into your account and click on Account Settings.  In the side menu, you will see Notifications listed.  Click on this.

Scroll down to All Notifications and click on Pages

Then, click on change email settings for individual pages and place a check box next to the pages you want to have send you an email every time they make an update on Facebook.  Keep in mind that you will get an email for every single page, so that might be a lot.  However, it is a great way for you not to miss out on any deals as well.  If you receive too many, just change these settings back again.


We have a group dedicated to helping you keep up with the deals.  By joining, you will be able to just click on the group name from the side to quickly view all of the recent posts.  You can sign up here:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/254932977914958/.


I’ve got a great post here to help you learn how to create lists of your favorite pages so you can quickly check them out for recent posts.

Hopefully these tips help you keep up with the deals.  There are going to be a lot of them and they often go quickly, so I want to make sure you stay informed!  Thanks!!