Enterainment Book: $1.00 Shipped

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If you haven’t yet purchased an Entertainment Book for 2010, you can get one for just $1.00!!  I know that the Kansas City books include some great coupons that can be used to save at Price Chopper – so you can make your money back in just one purchase.  Here’s how to get yours for just $1.00

1.  Create a NEW account at Shop at Home.

2.  Search for Entertainment Book.

3.  When you find it, you will see that it is offering a flat $4.00 rebate on the book.  Click the link to activiate the offer.

4.  Search for the book for your city and checkout.

5.  Your total will be $7.99 for the book + $1.99 shipping = $9.98.

6.  You will earn $4.00 cash back for the promotion + $5.00 cash back for setting up a new account.  This results in a net of $0.98 out of pocket!

The $7.99 price is good ONLY through Shop at Home.  So, even if you don’t set up a new account, you can still get the $7.99 price plus $4.00 back making it net only $4.98 after shipping — which is still a great deal!