Enterainment Books for 2010: 2/$4.50 (or less)

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If you are still waiting for that great deal on a 2010 Entertainment Book, you can pick up 2 for $10.00 right now.  I know that these contain grocery savings (around 4 – 5 coupons).  If you pick up 2 for this price, it’ll pay for itself right away.  Shipping is only $1.00 per item, so for $12.00 total, you’ll get 2 books and a LOT more than that in savings!  Why not split this deal with a friend and make it work for both of you?


Now, if you want this deal to be even SWEETER, go through Ebates, to get 25% cash back!  Plus, if this is your first purchase, you’ll get a $5.00 sign up bonus.  So, here’s your final total:

$10.00  2 Books
–   5.00   sign up bonus
–   2.50   25% cash back
+ 2.00   shipping
$4.50  total for two books or $2.25 each

Some people are claiming that they have gotten free shipping, so if you are lucky enough for that option to come up for you, then you”ll pay only $2.50 for 2 books!

Thanks for the Ebates info Free Snatcher!