Entertainment Book – Is It Worth It?

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Entertainment Book 2010

I had a reader ask me about these Entertainment Books and I felt it was worth the money to get one. To be honest, it depends up on where you will shop.

In the past, I have always seen Price Chopper coupons in these books. However, when I look over the list of merchants in this year’s copy, I don’t see them listed. So, it is possible that they have chosen not to place any coupons in the book – but it also doesn’t mean that they are not in there. I haven’t purchased mine yet, so I can’t help — but if someone else has, can you share if there are any grocery coupons in them this year? UPDATE: Cassie let me know that there ARE Price Chopper coupons in the book – so those can quickly pay for the book – which makes it well worth the price – thanks Cassie!

These coupons are not only for dining out, you can find the following:

2 for 1 Skating at Crown Center Ice Terrace
20% off Johnson County Museum Admissions
20% off at Gordman’s

….just to name a few. Plus, you get a card which will save you money at national chain stores such as Barnes & Noble, Ace Hardware, Foot Locker and more.

If you aren’t sure if the book is for you or not, the way to determine if you would want one or not is really simple. Just head click the image above. When you get to the site, input your zip code and then click on one of the menu links to take a look inside of the book. If you see coupons that will save you MORE than the purchase price of the book ($30.00 plus free shipping), then you should think about buying it. However, if there aren’t enough deals to intrigue you, then it would be good to

Hopefully I’ve answered your questions about this book. If not, contact me or leave me a comment and I’ll help in any way I can.

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