Epson Stylus Printer Only $59.99 Shipped

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Amazon’s Gold Box Deal today is an Epson Stylus Printer for only $59.99 shipped!  This is a discount of 54% off of the list price.  This printer is Wi-Fi enabled and even has a tray that holds 150 sheets of paper!!  Not only that, you can also scan and make copies with it – so it has all of the bells and whistles you might need.   If you’ve been needing to update your printer for all of the coupons you print, today would be a great day to do it!


  1. Stacey Moorehead says

    My family and I are currently “in the market” for a new printer/copier. Not because their is anything wrong with the one we have, but the ink costs more than the printer!! Why would I buy more ink when I could just purchase another printer that comes with ink? Does anyone know of the replacement ink cost with this printer? I hardly ever print in color, so I’m more just interested if you can just buy black ink and it’s cost. The printer we currently have doesn’t allow you to print with just a black cartridge. All of the color cartridges have to be full in order to print anything(no, our printer doesn’t have a setting for “black only”). Thanks!

    • Tracie says

      Stacey – I would just google replacement toner for ___________ and you can find the cost for your toner for this one. But you are right, it sometimes is less expensive to find a new printer if you are spending more on ink than it is worth.

    • Gretchan says

      You will want to see if the printer comes with a starter cartridge that are significantly smaller than the ones you purchase in store. Some do, some come with full cartridges. Also Epson requires you to have all working cartridges to print in black. If you only print in black and while you might want to consider a laser printer. Brothers are inexpensive printer, you can purchase generic refills, toner is a powder and therefore never dries up like inkjets do. But if you have to have a color printer things to look at are, how many page prints per cartridge, can they be refilled, does the printer have a ink saving mode, how long will the cartridges last unused just sitting in the printer, are there XL versions of the cartridges. (I sold printers in an electronics store for almost 10 years.) Happy shopping.

  2. Gretchan says

    Epson refilled cartridges never work terribly well. Epson is the only printer that uses a oil based ink and therefore is a pain in the butt. Plus they do not have self cleaning heads like HP and most others. This means that each and every time you power this on it dispenses a little ink to purge the head of the cartridge and if you choose to leave it on constantly the head will dry up and clog. There cartridges are exspensive for the amount of prints you get. Also you can not use all brands of photo paper on an Epson since it is oil based inks. If you do not care about cost and are looking for the best quality photo/color prints, you will not beat an Epson but you’ll pay for it.