Eversave: $26 Worth of Magazines for $12

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Today on Eversave, you can get $26 worth of magazines for just $12!  If you are new to Eversave, you will get $2 for signing up.  HOWEVER – the fine print on this one says that you can’t use your credits towards this deal (and if you are looking for All You Magazine, it is excluded fromthis offer).   However, it is nice way to pick up some other titles that you never find on sale (perfect gift idea for someone this year too)!


  1. rachel b. says

    just a ‘buyer beware’ notice — i bought this save the last time around and they had 3 titles of interest on their site the day i purchased the coupon. Three days later when I got my confirmation to use the coupon, those titles and MANY more were suddenly out of stock. VERY disappointing since I never purchase mags and don’t have many titles of interest. I finally used that coupon this week because it took them almost 3 months to get titles back in….and found many of them were over priced (compared to Amazon.com subscriptions).
    If you’re an avid reader, this would be a good purchase for you may be able to find something you actually like.