Exciting New Feature: Grocery Store Database

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So, I have been teasing everyone that I’ve been working on something to help everyone around the country.  I’m excited to share with you our new and enhanced Grocery Store Database!

This one is very simple to use.  You can access the Grocery Store Database (either from Other Grocery Stores in the Main Menu above or Grocery Store Database link from the orange sidebar).  Once you are there, you can click the letters for your store at the top (A – G, H – R or S -Z).  You will then drop right down to that section.  The stores are listed alphabetically — by logo.  Then, click the store you want and you’ll instantly go to the site for the matchups!    In the instance where your store is regional, you will go to another page to help you determine which region works for you.

We have more than 115 stores available for you.  I realize that there may be more.  These were the stores that I knew of and that I was able to find weekly matchups for you.   My goal is to help you save money — no matter where in the country you reside.  So please share this database with your family and friends so that they can jump on the money saving bandwagon.  Because we all know how much fun it is to watch your total drop at the register!  Enjoy!!!