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I had a reader send an email to me today that rather disturbed me.  There is someone on Facebook, called The Soulful Parent, who is apparently click on my fans and send them emails asking them to join her page.  Here is what the email says:

My name is Sandra Huber, the soul and coach behind The Soulful Parent. I see we both enjoy “Penny Pinching Mommas”… great page and a great resource for busy moms!!

I wanted to invite you to check out my Page at The Soulful Parent for ideas, resources and tips to navigate the wacky and wonderful world of motherhood!

Just go to the link below, click “Like” and join me and other busy moms there! While you are there, make sure to request your FREE copy of “10 Ideas to Reclaim the Joy of Parenting” free ebook

If you know of any other moms who could benefit from a great supportive community, I’d appreciate it if you share our link!

At no time did I agree to, no would I ever, to allow someone to access your Facebook accounts in an attempt to get you to join their page.  In fact, this is something that Facebook rather frowns upon.  If you receive such an email and it is bothersome to you, you can easily report the page on Facebook, by clicking the link on her page.

I want my readers and fans to know that I am deeply bothered by such an action.  Your privacy is something I take VERY seriously here at Penny Pinchin’ Mom.  This is fully explained in my Privacy Policy (also located in my footer at the bottom of this page).  While this is of course no fault of my own, I want you all to know that I am deeply sorry that this has happened to some of you.

Thank you SO very much reader, Robyn, for bringing this to my attention!


  1. Sandra Huber says

    Dear followers of Penny Pinching Mom:
    I wanted to send a heartfelt apology to any of Penny Pinching Mom followers who received my invitation to join my page. This was in no way an action sponsored, supported or endorsed in any way by Penny Pinching Mom, nor was an attempt to harass, spam or bother anyone.

    As a follower of Penny Pinching Mom myself and someone who has very much enjoyed the opportunity to save through that Fan Page, my only intention was to share with some other moms the same passion for supporting and encouraging moms to be the best moms they could be.

    I hope that you continue to trust Penny Pinching Mom’s privacy policies and understand that this was in no way a compromise of their commitment to respecting your privacy. I just wanted to reach out to other moms with what I felt was a sound, safe place for them to share with other moms about all things motherhood.

    You have my word that no other attempts to connect with any of you followers will be made.

    Once again, my apologies to everyone involved.

    Sandra Huber-The Soulful Parent

    • Tracie says

      I greatly appreciate that Sandra. Please feel free to contact me if you have information you would like to pass along to my readers.

    • Eric in OP, KS says

      That may be so, Sandra, but your initial presumption to contact her Facebook fans without first seeking permission is exactly why I have very little to do with Facebook. Whether you call it spam or unintentional bothersome email, I’ll have none of it, not because of you being some horrible spammer or person but because this kind of thing is more endemic than you think and I just am not interested in my mailbox being clogged with unsolicited emails, regardless of how or why they were emailed. I didn’t get your email because I will not become a fan of her page for this reason even though I think she runs a great website – I don’t trust Facebook and I don’t trust others to not misuse it.