Facebook is at it…..AGAIN!!!

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If you had not already noticed, Facebook up and changed things again overnight.  I took a look around and wanted to pass along what I learned.

The biggest changes is the way that status updates feed onto your wall. This has changed for both friends and pages.  I’ll share the change you need to make to see your friends’ updates first.

You actually have to subscribe to see all updates from all of your friends as it is defaulted to “MOST UPDATES.”   To change this, just click the down arrow next to their update and change it from MOST updates to ALL updates.  This will allow you to see all of your friends information in your news feed, rather than having to go to their individual pages to find them.

Another new feature is LISTS.  You can find this in the sidebar.  This might be a good one for all of you.  When you click this link, you will see some pre-determined lists – including pages.  You can add or remove pages from your list.  Then, when you log into Facebook, you can quickly go into your lists, click the one for your pages and you’ll see all of the posts come up.

You can create custom lists to find your favorite people/pages more quickly.  Here is how to do just that:

  • Click on Lists from the sidebar.
  • Click on Create a list.
  • Name the list what you would like to – I am calling mine Money Saving Sites:










  • Click Add Friends to the list to see their updates.
  • When this page comes up, click the drop down menu that says FRIENDS and change it to PAGES







  • Select the pages you want to see and then click DONE
  • Now, you will see this in your side bar





  • When you click on Money Saving Sites you will catch ONLY the pages you really want to see

Hopefully I’ve helped you figure out how to put the new features to work for you to make it easier to navigate the site.  As much as I’m not a fan of the new layout, I know I’m stuck with it and have to learn how to make it work for me!


  1. Stephanie Wade says

    The lists thing is what I did! Now I see ALL updates for everyone, and they are divided out. So I can check on my friends and family and then my savings sites, and then the other pages that I want updates from. I don’t like the home page news feed, but I think I can handle it with these lists!

  2. Michele DeGroote says

    Thank You!! Now I dont have to sit and stare at people game requests and status just I can find my pages… Thank You So MUCH!!!!!!!

    • Tracie says

      You might need to refresh to get it to let you change. With the updates, the servers may be extra busy today.

  3. Melissa Kunkler says

    Do you have to do this “all updates” to each friend? Or can it be done somewhere to include everyone on your friends and pages list?