Family Fun Magazine: As Low as $2.50 Per Year

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Mamapedia has brought back one of my favorite deals!!  They are offering a one year subscription to Disney’s Family Fun Magazine for just $5.  If you are a first time Mamapedia customer and purchase this deal, you will save $2 when you use the code DISNEY1YR, making it just $3.   You can even get a better deal if you purchase a 2 year subscription.  When you use the code DISNEY2YR, you will pay only $5 or just $2.50 per year.

As I’ve shared before, I love Mamapedia because everytime you buy something, 5% of your purchase price goes to the school of your choice.  It may not be much with each purchase, but all of those pennies can add up.  Plus, when you invite our family and friends to support the same school, you all can help (plus, you can earn a $10 credit as well).


  1. Andrea says

    I got in on the deal, I also posted it on my face book wall hoping some of my Mom friends will get in on the deal and help support my school. Thanks, I love this magazine.