Filtrete Filter Rebate Offer: Possibly up to $8.00 Back

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The only filters that we buy are Filtrete – and it is always at LEAST 1000 MPR – because of my horrible allergies. So, whenever we can save anything (no matter how small) on our filters, it is a good thing!  

There is a new Filtrete Rebate offer where you will receive $4.00 back by mail on the purchase of 2 1000 MPR+ filters.  I’ve submitted rebates to them before and have always received mine. So, I know that they follow through.

It is being reported that when you purchase these at Lowe’s that they too have a rebate for $4.00 back on 2.  Some people have been able to submit BOTH rebates and get BOTH back – so $8.00 total.  I haven’t seen the details on the Lowes’ rebate form, so I can not personally confirm that this is the case, but it might be worth a shot!    If you happen to have picked yours up and have this, please share the details of the form.