How To Find the Penny Deals at Dollar General

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How to Find Penny Deals at Dollar General

Dollar General often offers penny deals.  The trick, however, is to know how to understand the code so you can determine if something is reduced or not. There are things you need to be able to read when it comes to the codes on the products.

First of all, you will always want to check the code listed beneath the barcode:

SP – Spring
SU – Summer
FA – Fall
WI – Winter

11 – 2011
12 – 2012
13 – 2013

So, the code that shows FA11 would be an item from Fall 2011.

That is step 1 in determining if the product has been discounted.  You should also look for a symbol- such as a PINK dot.  These items are usually discounted and qualify for the penny deals.   Just because you see a code from a prior year doesn’t mean that the price has dropped – it will also need to include a colored symbol on the tag as well — and be from a prior season (such as FA12, for example).

Keep in mind that some products have a different code than the one above. For instance, if you find Disney products with the code ending in 709 beneath the original bar code, then that means it is just a penny! Just a head up that may not find this same type of code on all products in the store.

So, in a nutshell – look for a combination of a code from a prior season along with a symbol to see if your item is priced at just a penny!  Of course, nothing is 100% guaranteed, but these are some things you can at least try at your store.

Have you learned any tips to determining the penny deals at your store?

*Note:  Some stores may not sell the items to you at this price, so if your store will not sell them, do not get upset.  They do not have to release them to the public at that price.


  1. Amy says

    I recently moved across the country and have yet to try a Dollar General. Are you saying that it is usually a surprise at checkout when things are discounted? Thanks!

  2. debbie says

    I really enjoyed reading your hints for Dollar General stores….I’m gonna be hunting really close from now on!

  3. says

    Have never been aware of penny deals. Not sure how the example of FA12 (easy to understand) and the pink dot for example(easy to understand) has anything to do with the disney toy example of 709 ( not easy to understand).

    • Tracie says

      They do NOT have anything to do with one another. I am telling you that you need to look for that, but that some items might have a different code – such as the Disney toys.

      This is the third time I have answered you — twice on Facebook and once here. I really am not sure how I can explain it any better.

    • says

      The Disney 709 code is just an example of one thing that is penned right now. You won’t always look for 709 in the sku number and that doesn’t stand for anything that we know of…it is just one thing to look for on the tag. Just a one off, I guess.

  4. Holly says

    This is great. I’ve never heard of penny deals. Does this mean that the item will be marked at one price but could ring up for pennies? If you have to look for the codes I assume they won’t be marked. Can you combine these with coupons and possibly get stuff free? Love the website.

    • Tracie says

      Yes – that is exactly what it means! When it is scanned, the price should ring up for a penny. The only thing is that if you use a coupon, the value will be decreased to just $0.01, so it might not be worth it to use them.

  5. Brandi says

    These items ring up as a penny because they have been discontinued and haven’t been taken off the sales floor. (usually by mistake). As I said these have been DISCONTINUED….If there is a recall on the item YOU WILL NOT BE NOTIFIED! You are purchasing these items AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!