Find Your Local Grocery Store Deals

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Have you seen this image in the sidebar?  If so, did you know you can click on each of these bars to locate different posts on the site according to these categories?

One of those that many people may not be aware of is the Grocery Store Database.  Since there is no way that I can possibly cover every store that is out out there, I do the next best thing and provide links to other bloggers who do.

When you go into this post, you will see grocery stores listed alphabetically.  Beneath each store is a  blog (and location) to help you find someone who does the stores where you live (or close to it).  When you click on these links, a new window opens and you are taken directly to the most recent post for that store on the other blog.  My hope is that you can save money no matter WHERE you shop. 

I am always updating the list.  You will see several stores at the bottom of the page.  I am working on finding someone who does these weekly deals.  So, if that is you or you know of a site that does, please let me know so I can add them.  If you are a blogger and cover a store that is not already listed for the region noted, please email me your static link to your weekly deals and I will add you as well.  I can be reached at

Oh – and make sure to check out the other categories I’ve got listed here – including one for Kansas City’s top grocery deals. I take the best deals from 3 large stores and put them all in ONE place to help you determine what you might want to pick up at each store this week.