First Day of the Month = New Coupons

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It is now June.  As we usually find on the first day of the month, there are new  Here are those I noticed today:

* $2.00/2 Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion 8,12 or 18 oz only
* $1.00/1 Lactaid Ice Cream
* $0.50/1 Yoplait Kids Yogurt
* $1.00/2 Land O Lakes Deli Cheese
* $1.00/1 Annie Chun’s Asian Meal Starter
* $1.00/1 Lactaid Sour Cream
* $1.00/1 Lactaid Milk
* $1.50/1 Bayer AM product
* $0.75/1 Wanchai Dinner Kit
* $0.75/1 Macaroni Grill Dinner Kit

Print them while you can since you never know when they’ll vanish from!