First of the Month: Send Your Expired Coupons to US Military

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September here (which is so shocking to me)!  That means it is time to clear out those coupons that expired on August 31st (and earlier).  However, don’t throw them into the trash or your recycling bin.  You have the perfect opportunity to pay it forward to overseas military families. 

Military families who live across our oceans can use these coupons for up to 3 or more months AFTER the expire here in the states.   This is certainly a great way to support the members of our armed forces by helping their families save money just like we do.

I previously shared a site called Overseas Coupon Program.  This is a great program and a way to help, but I know many of you would rather have a connection and personally help a family.  For you there is another option. 

Coupons To Troops is another great initiative that was started to help get these coupons to those who need them.  It is so simple to do this program.  Simply send an email to and ask them to provide you with a family’s name.  They will in turn send this to you.   Place your coupons into a flat envelope or mailer and mail them as you have them ready to ship out!    You can stay connected with Coupons To Troops through their Facebook page.  It is a great way to ask questions or even leave a comment to share that you mailed a package out to help another family.

I’ve also got another site called Expired Coupons for Overseas Military.  You can visit them on Facebook to get more information, including the mailing information as to where to send your coupons.


  1. says

    Thank you so much for your continued support of CouponsToTroops. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I appreciate it – you have got the best readers around because each time you mention us, our inbox quickly fills with match-up requests from people saying they heard about us from your site.

    In the past month, we’ve added 123 new military families to our list who are looking to receive coupons from people back in the states, and everyday we are adding more, so we’re constantly looking for people who are willing to mail their unused and expired coupons over.

    Thanks again for helping us to spread the word – the more people we have willing to help means that we can help many more military families!!

    Lesley – CouponsToTroops

  2. Katina says

    I have been participating in the Coupons to Troops and have been sending m y coupons to a family in Germany. Great program and I really like the feeling that someone else is getting some benefit vs. the trash can.