First of the Month: Send Your Expired Coupons to US Military

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It is the begnning of a new month.  Did you clear out your expired coupons?  If so, don’t just toss them into the recycling bin.  I  have a better idea – why not share them with our military families who live overseas?

Military families who live across our oceans can use these coupons for up to 3 or more months AFTER the expire here in the states.   This is certainly a great way to support the members of our armed forces by helping their families save money just like we do.

There is a great webiste that you can visit to learn how to get started.  It is called Overseas Coupon Program.  They have all of the information you will need to get your expired coupons into the hands of people who can use them!

You will need to fill out the form to adopt a base and then you will hear from Overseas Coupon and they will provide you with the information you need in order to send them out.  You might want to save money and pair up coupons with friends to send them all at once – the more the merrier!


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    I’m involved with and while the end goal is the same we take a slightly different approach. Rather than sending your coupons to a generic address on base, we encourage people to mail directly to a military family for a couple of reasons. The main one is that when you send directly to a family you KNOW that your coupons are getting to the folks that will use them or share them with others. I’ve heard so many horror stories from military wives who’ve said that they’ve seen stacks of boxes and envelopes in back rooms at the Family Support Programs or at the Commissary because there’s just not enough manpower to get the coupons distributed within that 6 month window of opportunity.

    I personally keep a list of military families who have told me that they’d like to receive coupons so if anyone would like further information or be put in touch with a military family, I’m happy to help (hcwsbp at gmail dot com) By that same note, if any military family would like to be added to my list, please get in touch with me. Please be assured that for security and privacy reasons, I don’t give out your mailing or email information – I just forward the emails that I receive onto a military family and ask that they reply to provide their mailing address.