Fisher Price Nativity Set: $28.00 Shipped

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Family Christian Stores has the Fisher Price Nativity Set marked down to $29.97.  When you use the code 123052301 at checkoud and you will save 25% off of your purchase (note – you will not see a line item for the deduction on your total sheet until after you checkout – but you should see your total get reduced).

If you select USPS shipping, you will pay $2.99 for shipping + your local sales tax.  I was able to pick this this one up for $27.81 shipped.  Plus, if you go through Shop at Home, you will earn 2% cash back on your purchase, which drops the price even further.

If you aren’t sure if this is a good deal or not, the next lowest price I have found anywhere is $39.95 on Amazon (Target is out of stock and it not determined if they will get any more in this year or not).


  1. Julie says

    Thanks! I already ordered one of these earlier in the season and instantly regretted not ordering one for our church too. My 2 year old daughter plays with “her baby Jesus” ALL the time. Now I’m getting one for our church nursery. YEAH!!!!

  2. Mandy says

    When I was at Target on 65th and Shawnee Mission on Monday, they had 5 of these on the shelf. I can’t remember the price though and they don’t come with the cart or the palm trees.

    • Tracie says

      There are several different sets on the market, so you have to really watch to see which one you are getting before you buy.

  3. Sarah says

    I think this is a great deal! At they are $33 but they don’t come with the 3 wisemen or the camel. You have to pay another $22 for them and they come with tents. I’d much rather get this one WITH the wisemen for $27 (I paid $27.04 total). WHOOHOO!

  4. Juli M says

    The downside to this deal is that there is no shepherd. I even called FP to see if I could order a replacement piece, but to no avail. So, yes, you get the wisemen, but are still missing a piece of the story.

    • Tracie says

      I know – I saw that too. We purchased 3 different sets a few years ago, so we have the entire thing. They just don’t box it the same as they use to – and that is a tad disappointing.

  5. Sharon Kochan says

    The best price on this particular set was during Black Friday at Mardel’s Christian Bookstore for $24.99. I got one last year at this price and then they had it again this year.

  6. julie stewart says

    I got the FULL set (wisemen, shepherd, trees, etc.) everything shown – for $20 at Walmart a few years ago after Christmas. They had a ton of them left and I bought one for myself and my mother in law. At the time I thought $20 was a lot, but I have three small children so I figured it would be worth it in the end. Good luck to those of you trying to find it…might be worth waiting until after the holidays and get it at Walmart for next year. Merry Christmas!!

  7. julie stewart says

    Come to think of it, my set from Walmart actually has many more pieces than the one shown above – mine has a pig, a rock formation for the sheep, and a few other animals (a sheepdog and extra sheep, etc). This was all $20 – and quite a bit more pieces than the one in the photo.