Five More Great Money Saving Apps

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I previously shared my five favorite money saving apps.  As I use my phone more and more, I am find even more apps out there which I love – and help save me money!  Here are a few more you might want to check out!  The best part is that you just download and you are on your way – nothing to clip, print or remember to take with you!!!


out to eat app2

This is an app which can help families save money – no matter where you happen to be!  You simply allow the app to use your location and it will share restaurants which are close to you.  You click on the restaurant link and they will share the deals with you – so you know where kids can eat free including the dates, times and restrictions!

This app is available both for Android and Apple Devices 
Cost: Free
(Thanks to smh from last night’s segment for sharing)



This is another app which helps you save at your favorite restaurant or store.  This app allows you to take a photo of a coupon you might have received in the mail, online (or wherever).  You simply take a photo of the coupon and add it to your app.  You don’t have to even have your own coupons to add to the list, you can find them right on the app.

As you see a coupon you know you want to use, you click on Snip It.  Then, when you are at that location, your phone will ping you and remind you that you have coupons you want to use!

This is a great way to find the coupons you need when you are out.  However, it is also great so you can scan in the coupons you might have received which aren’t available.  No more worrying about leaving it at home or in the car as you ‘ve got it right there with you!

This app is available both on the Android and Apple Markets
Cost:  Free



I’ve talked about this app more and more and wanted to make sure you were signed up.  Ibotta is an easy way to earn money when shopping.  It is very simple to use this app.

  1. Go through the app to find the products you want to buy.  Follow the links to have various amounts added to your account.
  2. Select the store where you will shop to purchase the product(s).
  3. Take a photo of your receipt showing you made the purchase.
  4. They will deposit that amount into your account.

This app is available on both the Android and Apple Markets
Cost: Free




Endorse is no longer in business.

This is another app which is similar to Ibotta.  Endorse allows you to look through the offers available.  Once you purchase the product, you take a photo of your receipt and you will get that amount put into your account.

The more you use this app, the more offers you will find start popping up on your phone.  You not only earn cash back, but you will also earn points for those receipts which can fund local school projects — so it is a way to help your school while you shop!

This app is available on both the Android and Apple Markets.
Cost: Free



If you love to watch TV, then this is an app for you!  As you are watching your favorite shows, check in on Viggle to share what you are watching.  You can interact with other who love the program, but you can also earn rewards just for watching!

This app is available on both the Android and Apple Markets.
Cost: Free


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  1. S Cutler says

    I don’t know about this but I was ready the reviews for the Snip It App and this is what I found:
    Fraud coupons-stores will NOT honor

    by SassyVanessa
    I loved this app at first, but found out it is coupon fraud. I am an employee of Target, we just received notification cooperate, that Target can no longer accept any coupons from this app.
    Your mobile coupons from the Target app will still continue to work.