Five of My Favorite Money Saving Apps

When it comes to saving money, we all know about clipping coupons, but what about doing more than that?  There are some great apps which you can install to help you save money in different ways.  Here are my five favorite apps:

Gas Buddy – available for both Android and iPhone

I love this app to help check out fuel prices.  Of course, driving too far out of your way won’t save you anything, but sometimes, a few cents can make a difference.  You simply enter your zip code and it looks around t prices close to where you are at.

Shopkick – downloads for both Android or iPhones

This  Free mobile app provides scannable coupons for stores like Target, Macy’s and more.  Not only that, you earn Kickbucks for simply walking through the door of your favorite stores!  Kickbucks are like points (or cash) which you can redeem in the on-line app.
There are all sorts of rewards – including gift cards for yourself!

RedLaser Barcode Reader  – available for both Android and iPhone

When you shop you can make sure you are getting the best price around.  You can scan in the barcode of the product.  This app will search not only the web, but also the brick and mortar stores to return the best price.    You can then Click BUY NOW to go directly to the website with the bargain price —
or even get directions to the local store with the deal.

Coupon Sherpa – available for both Android and iPhone

This is a really awesome app if you love to shop retail!   When you are at a store, you can search your phone and see if that retailer happens to have any coupons available.  You simply search through the list, click on the store and if you find one, show it to the cashier and save.  No more clipping coupons for these stores!

Key Ring – available for both Android and iPhone

This is the perfect app to replace that stack of loyalty cards.  You always forget them or have 20 to sort though when you shop… more!   You simply add your card number to the app and then show it when you shop.  They scan (or manually enter) the number and you are on your way.