Five Things For Which You Should Never Pay Full Price

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If you are frugal, smart or savvy, you know that you always want to find a deal.  Did you know that there are things for which you should never pay full price?  Here are a few to keep in mind:


Don’t buy them!  Check them out from your library instead.  Even if the title you want is not available, you can get put on a list and contacted once it is back for you you to check out.

If you have a Kindle or Nook, there are tons of free offers available each and every day!  In fact, I put together a daily free Kindle and Nook Book List right here on the site, so you don’t even have to go searching for them on your own.

Personal Care Items.

There is not reason to pay full price on these items.  Deals come around all of the time, which can be stacked with coupons.   When you find a good deal, pick up a few extra items to carry you through until the next time it goes on sale!

Dining Out.

You can purchase certificates from to save.  There are also so many offers from restaurants which you can find on their Facebook page or by signing up for their newsletter.


If you want a new title, check out discount sites and even look for codes to help you save even more.  Never purchase the title from the inserts in the magazines or directly from the site – you aren’t guaranteed to get the best price.   We post deals everyday right here on Penny Pinchin’ Mom!  Check out our daily magazine deals.


If you foresee that your appliance is starting to go out, plan ahead and get it while it is on sale rather than waiting until it is dead.  Start to watch the flyers if you know your stove is on the fritz.  Then, if you find a deal, buy it now rather than when you need it (when you may end up having to pay full price).

What items do you never pay full price for?