Five Tips To Help Save Money on Your Thanksgiving Meal

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Save Money on Thanksgiving Dinner -- #5 is my favorite


Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away.  If you’ve hosted before you know how quickly everything can add up to feed a large group of people.  From turkey, to pies to decorations – the costs can really be overwhelming.  Here are five simple tips to help you save money (and your sanity) when planning this year’s Thanksgiving dinner:


1.  Share the menu duties. Ask each person coming to your dinner to bring a dish.  Make sure you assign specific menu items as you don’t want to have 4 people show up with a green bean casserole.  This way everyone can feel that they are contributing.  In addition, you can have more time to enjoy the holiday and less time in the kitchen — and save money by not having to purchase all of the ingredients yourself.


2.  Shop Wisely. Don’t chase every deal to save money and/or price match when you can.  There are going to be a lot of really good deals at various grocery and retail stores over the next couple of weeks.  Unless you live close to all of them, just select one store and do your shopping there.  You will save yourself time, fuel and headache.

Stores like Target and Walmart will price match competitor’s ads.  See if your local store has a really good deal that they will match and you can save time (and money).  Make sure you also check out the online sites for the newest printable coupons which can save you even more.


3.  Get Your Turkey for Free. Watch for the free turkey with purchase offers.  Many times, stores will offer a free turkey with the purchase of select items. In fact, we sometimes see a free turkey with the purchase of a ham types of deals where I live.   That might take care of 2 holiday dinners at one low price.


4.  Shake up the menu. If you are tired of the same meal, you could mix it up with different sides or even a main course.  Thanksgiving is about being together and not just about the food being served.  Some meals include ingredients which can be much easier on the budget.  We have all sorts of great ideas for side dishes you can try this year.


5.  Decorate naturally. Go outside and pick up fallen leaves to scatter down the center of the table.  Create a centerpiece with dried flowers and other items from the outdoors.  No reason to spend a lot on fancy decorations.  Pinterest has lots of incredibly simple and affordable ways to decorate.

What money saving tips do you use when you plan your meal?

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    Watch out for the “free “turkey” depending on what you are required to buy to get it….I’ve still gone one frozen from last year we’ll use… and stock up when the deal is right not when “they” want you to.